Casemiro boosted his morale.

Manchester United’s rise is steep. Except for the defeat in the English Premier League (EPL) match against Arsenal on the 23rd (Korean time), Man United has not lost a single match in the second half and is maintaining a good flow. Currently in the league, it is maintaining 4th place in the league with 39 points, tied with 3rd place Newcastle United, and is moving towards the championship by winning the English Football League Cup (EFL Cup) and the English Football Association Cup (FA Cup). .

There are two main reasons for the upward trend. The first is the leadership of coach Erik Ten Haag. Ten Hag quickly stabilized the team after taking office at Manchester United. He showed excellent control of the team by adopting strict discipline off the pitch and at the training ground, and showed his tactical side on the pitch, proving his performance and winning 3 points.

The second is great recruits. Manchester United succeeded in reinforcing their power by signing Anthony, Casemiro and Christian Eriksen ahead of this season. Currently, many players in Manchester United are showing good performance, but the player who brought a noticeable change to Man United is evaluated as Casemiro. 스포츠토토

Even last season, Manchester United’s third line was uneasy. Manchester United’s waist line leading to Scott McTominay and Fred lacked the defensive ability to protect the defense and lacked the offensive ability to join the attack. The link between the two did not function properly.

After Casemiro joined, things changed drastically. Casemiro, who had already risen to the world-class ranks with Real Madrid, continued to perform even after joining Manchester United. Casemiro, who added strength to Manchester United’s back with stable defense and build-up ability, immediately emerged as the core of United. It’s clear that Casemiro’s performance and his experience at Real are helping United a lot.

The interview is perfect. Casemiro boosted team morale in an interview after the FA Cup match against Reading. The match ended in a 3-0 victory for United thanks to Casemiro’s multi-goal.

Casemiro said: “I dream of making history because I know the greatness of United. In order to win the championship in the future, we need to lay the foundation well.”

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