“Even though I was pushed in height, I wasn’t pushed in terms of strength.”

Chosun University lost 66-85 in an away game against Konkuk University on the 28th. Another loss was added, but it showed the best game content this season.

Chosun University raised an average of 57.0 points and allowed 91.5 points in 6 games before the match. The goal difference is -34.5 points. In the second confrontation with Dankook University, the loss by 64-83 was the smallest score difference.

Chosun University also had a 19-point gap with Konkuk University.

On this day, Chosun University’s scorers were Kim Hwan (16 points), Koo Bon-jun (14 points), and Ko Hyun-min (11 points).

Yoo Chang-seok (180cm, G), who was averaging 15.8 points before the match, only scored 2 points (6 rebounds and 4 assists). However, Yoo Chang-seok stood out in defense that day.

Yoo Chang-seok, who is 180 cm tall, often matched up with Freddy, who is 203 cm tall, in offense and defense. Konkuk University responded with a switch defense, and Yoo Chang-seok often faced Freddy or Choi Seung-bin in the attack. When he was defending, he stood in front of Freddy at the bottom of the goal and refrained from throwing the ball as much as possible.

When Yoo Chang-seok, whom we met after the game that day, said that he scored fewer goals than usual, he said, “The problem was that I didn’t make a successful shot, and I wasn’t greedy. We had a good scorer on our team, and we had a variety of options, so we didn’t overdo it.” “Unlike last year, I attacked at my timing, but I couldn’t concentrate at that time. There is Sungkyunkwan University and Gyeonggi (May 1st). I am trying to prepare accordingly.”

Yoo Chang-seok chose to break through a lot when there was a reverse mismatch with Freddy or Choi Seung-bin, and tried to post-up when the guard blocked it.

Yoo Chang-seok said, “(When it was a reverse mismatch) I tried to stop and shoot rather than push in for a long time, but he made a mistake. At that time, I was trying to finish,” he said. “I know that even forwards have the power to block. In the matchup with Choi Seung-bin, I thought that I could win in terms of strength. In match-ups with the guard, I had the confidence to win with strength, so I played the post without going back to the difficult path. When I looked at the hyungs who did well in the past, they entered the post. When he was practicing privately, he occasionally played post.”

In particular, when asked how he tried to attack when Freddy blocked him, Yoo Chang-seok said, “When I matched up with Freddy, even if I didn’t finish, I thought half of our attack was good just by pulling Freddy out. Because (Konkuk University) the bottom of the goal becomes empty,” he said. “Choi Seung-bin is also a good big man, but Freddie is different from the bottom of the goal, so our fellow players can hit the bottom of the goal and do it with confidence. Also, (Freddy) is higher than me but slower, so I tried to attack using it.”먹튀검증

Conversely, regarding the defensive situation that blocks Freddy, “There are many games ahead. I was able to match up with a big man from another team, so I tried to play an advanced defense. It was not a one-on-one matchup between me and the big man, but there was another colleague behind me, so I trusted my teammates and played,” he said. If you hold on with your strength, our team’s big man can help defend with a block. I can’t stop Freddie with 100 points, but if I hold on for 2-3 seconds without scoring, I can come to the defense, so I thought that alone was a successful defense.”

Yoo Chang-seok, who sometimes played the role of a big man in defense even when not blocking Freddy, said, “It was a different feeling. When practicing, practice the back line as well. I didn’t have much trouble getting used to it. It was okay because I could do that when the director ordered it.”

The college basketball league plays 14 games per team. There are 7 more half games left.

Yoo Chang-seok said, “The most important thing is to finish without getting hurt. I hope it will be a season where the team develops one step further than me.”

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