The uniforms of some fans who suddenly flew in on the way home from work. KIA Young-gun Eui-ri Lee (21) left the stadium after signing the uniforms one by one without showing any displeasure. This is because fan service took precedence over momentary emotions for him. 

Eui-ri Lee, who won her first win of the season against SSG at SSG Landers Field in Incheon on the 2nd. He was on his way to the club bus after the game, but had to stop when his uniform and pen suddenly flew over his head. A fan who was on the wall of the walkway threw the uniform down with a request, “I’m loyal, please sign it.” Eui-ri Lee was taken aback for a moment, and several fans continued to throw uniforms, and after signing all the uniforms, he was able to board the club bus. 먹튀검증

Lee Eui-ri, whom we met in Suwon on the 4th, said, “At first, I greeted the fans. However, a fan threw the uniform for an autograph. The moment I picked it up and signed it, several uniforms flew in, and this time I picked it up without signing it and gave it back to him, but he threw it again to ask for an autograph. So he was done and he left the arena. He recalled the situation at the time, saying, “At first, he signed by himself, but the manager who passed by held the uniform next to him.”

How did Lee Eui-ri feel when the uniform flew? He said, “I was on my way to say hello, but it suddenly flew in, and to be honest, I didn’t feel too bad. He thought he threw it because he couldn’t get the distance. In response, he thought it would be more appropriate to sign autographs for fans rather than show off his bad mood. It seems that my response was a little lacking. I didn’t even know things would grow like this,” he said honestly. 

It is said that professional sports cannot exist without fans, but in this scene, the voice that fans have crossed the line is gaining strength. A few years ago, the culture of professional baseball players signing autographs for fans waiting for them on the way home from work has become a daily routine, but most fans hand over their uniforms or balls directly to the players and politely ask for autographs. Clearly, there are etiquettes that must be observed between players and fans. However, in the case of Eui-ri Lee’s fans, they asked for fan service by saying, “I threw it, so you sign it.”

Lee Eui-ri signed the uniforms that flew in the spirit of ‘Fan First’ at the time, but he also said, “It seems that this is an issue because the fans also thought it was wrong. Rather, it is good that things have grown,” revealing a somewhat uncomfortable planting.

Lee Eui-ri, who reviewed the definition of fan service through this incident, said, “Players and fans live together. We play baseball thanks to the fans, and the fans pay money to see our play.” did. 

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