The 10th Chinese Women’s Gabjo League 4th Round
Kim Chae-young defeated Li He and reported the season’s first win

(Hangame Baduk = Reporter Han Chang-gyu) The 10th Chinese Women’s Gabjo League finished the first leg up to the 4th round. This year is the 10th season since its launch in 2013. It has been held every year, but last year it was not held due to corona.

Due to these circumstances, each team’s players are the same as the members that were formed for the 2022 season. Strictly speaking, the season currently being held is the ‘2022 Chinese Women’s Gabjo League’.

Jiangsu is a team that lives the envy of other teams as a ‘too good team’. He is the defending champion and has won eight championships in his career. Last year, Jiangsu recruited Kim Chae-young, 2nd in the Korean women’s ranking, 7th in China’s women’s ranking at the time, Yu Zhiying, 7th, and Wang Chunxing, 2nd, 5th.

There is a reason why Kim Chae-young was called 7th Dan. It was difficult for Wang Chunxing, a 5th dan, to digest the season properly due to her second childbirth last year. That’s why Kim Chae-young was transfused, but when the tournament was postponed because it couldn’t be held, Wang Cheon-xing, who gave birth, was able to join her powers again.

7th Dan Kim Chae-young, who was excluded from the order in the 1st and 2nd rounds, was consecutively appointed in the 3rd and 4th rounds. In the 3rd round, he lost to Panyang 4th Dan, and in the 4th round, he defeated Lihe 5th Dan and reported his first win of the season. The team is performing unexpectedly. Jiangsu only had 1 win and 3 losses until the 4th round.

Shaanxi West Sea 9-dan Yujin Oh led the team to victory in both appearances. In the first round, Tang defeated 4th dan by fire, and in the 4th round, he was defeated by Li Sixuan 3rd dan in 236 moves.카지노사이트

Oh Yu-jin, 9th Dan, who dominates the Women’s Gabjo League, has won 13 consecutive wins since the 12th round of the 8th tournament. The team that won all the rounds Oh Yu-jin participated in took second place with 3 wins and 1 loss.

Meanwhile, Kim Eun-ji, 5th dan, the debut season of the Women’s Gabjo League, made her debut in the 3rd round, but lost to Hang Xiaotong 1st dan in 262 moves. Mercenaries are limited to a maximum of nine matches, so they cannot participate in every round.

In the Women’s Gabjo League, 2 points are awarded for each match won in a 3-man team match. Individual matches are ordered. The time limit is 2 hours, and the countdown is 1 minute 5 times. The bottom two teams (9th and 10th) in the regular league standings without a postseason are relegated to the Women’s League.

Last season, three Korean knights participated and raised a combined record of 17 wins and 9 losses and a win rate of 65.38% against Chinese knights. Oh Yu-jin, 9th Dan, recorded 8 wins, Cho Seung-ah, 6th Dan, 6 wins and 3 losses, and Kim Hye-min, 9th Dan, recorded 3 wins and 6 losses.

The 10th Chinese Women’s Gabjo League, which played the first game (mercenaries played online) in Tongren, Guizhou, will proceed with rounds 5 to 12 in a home-and-away format.

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